Game Time


In this game called life we’ll have an opportunity to run many plays. Some will be successful and assist us in winning a game, but others will require us to rerun the play. Regardless of how great of a player we are or may think we are, it’s impossible to win the game alone. You have to have a good team to assist you in running the plays. Game of Life "Motivational Moments"

Even with your qualities and the assistance of your team members you will still fumble, make mistakes and depending on what kind of attitude you have when you’re called out on your mishaps, you may even have a flag thrown out at you. As we all know you can’t run the same play at all times because your opponent will know your next move, run an interception and possibly score.


Because we have to have different plays we’re required to have a coach to orchestrate who will play what positions:

…who will relieve who…

as well as what plays we will actually play;

all in which we can find in the play book. Once we know our role, we are able to play our position and are familiar with the different plays we must remain teachable and willing to both listen and follow directions.

Consistency with these things will not only allow you to continue winning, but it will also prepare you for the championship.


Transition; in order for us to win in this game called life we must surround ourselves around positive people that believe in us (the team). We have to continue to listen to the coach (God) for guidance, assignments and direction. Whenever we are faced with obstacles from our opponent (the enemy) we must refer to the play book (bible) for the plays (scripture) that we’ll use in order to intercept the fiery darts that are being thrown at us. We have to remember that in order to stay in the game we have to remain active.


We have to continue to stay relevant. Don’t worry about being knocked down because you’ll have on your protective gear (whole armor of God). When things get too rough and you feel like giving up or throwing in the towel hold on to the ball (your faith) it’s then that God will blow the whistle on the enemy and let him know that you’re on his team. Always remember; regardless of what the score looks like as long as you do as instructed you always win in the end!