So many of us look at the Burden, but overlook the Blessing !

Gas Prices When I was getting gas at the store I was so reluctant because I knew the tank was empty and it was going to be expensive. I had to make a decision on whether or not to fill it up, or put enough gas in to make it to my next destination. At the last minute I decided to fill up. We prepaid at the pump and began to talk in the car as the gas pumped.

$99 & Zero Cents

The children watched the numbers on the gas pump go up significantly. When the numbers reached a total of $90 they began to count 91, 92, 93, 94 when it got to $94 the conversation began to change and my husband began to get out the car because I told him to “stop it, cut it off.” When he got to the pump and reached the nozzle, the total was $99 even.

The kids were amazed that it cost so much that they took a picture for proof. We talked and complained about the cost half way home. I threatened to down size and not drive it anymore. Frustrated about the cost I posted the picture and said “I promise you the Lord’s not pleased.” I was able to laugh about it and thought it was over.

New Perspective

But God with his good self gave me a new perspective and what some would call a revelation. Often times we complain about the things we’re responsible for and may think that it requires too much from us. We feel that we’re putting too much into what we’re doing and not getting enough out. We fear that we won’t have enough to do things we both want and have to do and want to stop way too soon. We engage in negative conversations with others who are comfortable with being complacent. We’re willing to “down size” because we don’t want to put in the work that our bigger blessing requires.

So many of us look at the Burden, but overlook the Blessing!

REVELATION; So many of us look at things as a burden of cost, but overlook the blessing that we were able to pay the price. Just as the gas transaction was prepaid and equipped to provide us with a full tank of gas for our journey, God has paid the price for us to live a abundant life. But, many of us won’t experience it because we interrupt the plans he has for us and stop at 99 when he wants us to reach 100. #99&AHalfWon’tDo! #bias!

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