AUDIO: 4Points to Becoming “Unstuck”

4Points to Becoming UnStuck #BIASMoments

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  1. Stay connected to your power source (prayer life, relationship & being in alignment with God) Know who you are who’s you are.
  2. Give yourself credit (your gifts & talents are what makes you different) There’s nothing wrong with recognizing your abilities. With confidence comes promotion! Your gift will make room for you.
  3. KILL the stinking thinking! Activate the “I Am” Factor when self doubt tries to overtake you. You’re more than enough & possess EVERYTHING you need to get started. Commit suicide on the “little me” inside you and silence it for good through daily positive affirmations.
  4. Take action! STOP “getting ready, to get ready” but NEVER getting anything done. A confused mind does NOTHING and faith without works is dead! It doesn’t matter how great your ideas are, or how detailed your plan is if you never do it.

So stay connected, give yourself credit, silence the naysayers (starting with yourself) and JUST DO IT!